Saturday, August 9, 2014

BB Villain posts

La Fin

     Hi, everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the BB Villain posts.  If you missed any, here is the collection:

Villain Scenes:
The World He Was Born Into
Gossip After His Birth
A Little Boy
Confession Letters
The Forgotten Prince
Attack the Weak
Lost Without You
The First Rat
The Cloak of War
Anything Alton Can Have, I Can Have
A Prince is Born
The Reaping Years

     Basically, in summary, I felt the need to explore my BB villain's backstory -- how did he become a villain?  I didn't want to write a whole book about a villain, but he really didn't want to be ignored either.
     And so I wrote this series of posts to help me see where Newel, Duke of Northumber, came from.  The last one,"Catalyst," takes place shortly before the beginning of my BB book. 
     If you want to know what happened to Newel after "Catalyst", then you will have to read BB (after I finish writing it).  But these 14 scenes that I have posted are all that I intend to post about the Duke's backstory at this time.

Other posts about him include:
The Villain Takes Over (an explanation of the coming BB Villain posts)
Interview with Bound and Freed (this is on Anne-girl's blog, where I filled out her interview questions for my villain)
Plot Bunny synopsis (I wrote a back cover blurb for this story if it were to become a book)
Plot Bunny First Scene (I reworked "The World He Was Born Into" as if it were a first scene in a book)

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