Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Quiet, Exhausted, Awed Sort of Happiness

I don't usually talk about my work on my blog, but scenes from the last 24 hours are pulsing through my head and my body feels like jello from the strain of fighting for a life today.  I'm too tired to even try to make myself think about anything else.

I work in the medical field.  It's a reward, if demanding, position in society, and it puts you on the front row to see epic adventures that few others see.

Like today for example.

We had a problem.  We did not know the cause, but we had our theories.  It looked like a hopeless case, but, as is often the case with the good guys in the medical profession, we fought for a solution anyway.  Our training tells us that our efforts will be fruitless and yet, there is that wonderful unpredictable element in living beings (created by God) that often defies science...and it keeps us going against incredible odds.

I prayed.  The other care providers prayed.  The family prayed.  Church friends and extended family were called on the phone and asked to pray.

Still no change.

And then, suddenly...there was.  Suddenly the problem disappeared.  We crowded around, hoping to find a reason for the hours of struggle, but everything appeared perfectly normal.

What happened?

Is there an underlying cause that we just couldn't see -- an explanation for the problem?

Or did the cause suddenly become completely and totally resolved so that the problem disappeared?

The word used, as we gathered around, was "miraculous," and I think it was.  Something happened that medicine could not explain.  And I am so grateful.

Yes, that is the feeling that I have as I sit here at my computer.  Gratitude.  Gratitude to a big God who works miracles.  Gratitude for the faith of others who kept praying even when my trained mind was shadowed with skepticism.  I am very, very grateful.

And happy.

So happy.

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