Thursday, October 16, 2014

Super Awesome Idea

     I have suddenly been jolted by a super-awesome story idea.  It is like a very small bit of lightning coursing through my veins.  The magnitude of it is a bit mind-blowing...when I think of what I want to accomplish.  But it is also loosely based around events and people in my own life, which gives me a strong foundation for the tale.
     But I am busy working on my story for the Rooglewood Contest and on Broken Clouds (which I committed to for the 100for100 Challenge at GoTeenWriters)...which means that I cannot abandon them in my inspired pursuit of a new tale.
     So here is the balance point:  How can I write enough down (now, while my inspiration is hot) so that I can set it aside (to finish my current projects like a good girl) and yet pick it up later without losing this energy I feel?

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