Saturday, October 18, 2014

Snippets from 100for100: Week Five

I can hardly believe we are finishing week 5 of this challenge.  Although, I guess it is not so much when you realize that we are barely over a third of the way through 100 days.  Wow.  Long challenge.  But I am loving the results.
Enough chit-chat.  Here are some of my snippets from this week of the 100 for 100 Challenge at GoTeenWriters.

     “I’m not a charity case,” I said, bending over my math with a passion.
     “Mardove Canyon.  I know,” he said.  “The Rithavens go every year.”
     “It’s creepy how much you know,” I said, feeling a hint of amusement.

     I felt like I was shooting sparks from my eyes, but there was no answering spark from his.  His eyes were like calm pools – my sparks fell into them and sizzled into nothing.

     Mrs. Rithaven was setting plates on the table when Mr. Rithaven breezed in.  He went straight to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, planting a kiss on her cheek.
     She laughed.  “You are in a good mood,” she said.  “Does your last day at work before a vacation do that for you?”
     “No, but I’m feeling spontaneous,” he said.
     “Spontaneous?  Lord help us all,” she said, trying to squeeze past him with her hand full of utensils.

     "...and, besides that, you won’t have anything to fear but bears at Mardove.”

      “Clouds don’t break.  Scientific impossibility.  It’s not like glass or even cinder blocks.  You push against it and it only shifts, never letting you see past the thick collection of water particles,” I retorted.

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