Monday, December 29, 2014

Last Day to Submit Story to Rooglewood

Everyone who is entering the Rooglewood contest this year has already submitted their entry forms.  And, in a couple days, all the stories that people have been working on for this contest must be submitted.
     My story is already in, but this will still be an exciting day for me.  I feel like the judging begins in earnest now that all the contestants have arrived.  I can picture my little story making the rounds through the various levels of readers, piled into Word Document folders along with many other brilliant stories.  It's a fun thought, and I look forward to March 1st when the 5 winners are announced.


  1. Ooh I hope you win!! I can't wait to read Five Enchanted Roses! =)

  2. It will be out next summer!
    Whether or not my little tale finds its way into it is yet to be seen...

  3. I am sure this must be an exciting feeling. Hoping your story ends up in the anthology! Lots of love and Happy New Year!