Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wrestling with a Backstory

Dear Readers,
     I am Kelsey Harpman, a character in Broken Clouds.  I am writing to you today in hopes of gaining your insight in the art of storycrafting.
    Some time ago, my author sat down and penned my backstory.  I think my backstory is important to the tale, as it will eventually help solve mysteries that have clouded my past for 8 years.  But now, my author does not know what to do with the mini-book we created.
     She was very proud of how she showed my past life.  I suggested she stick the entire mini-book into the story somewhere, but she says it is too long to so easily dispose of it.  She's afraid readers will be bored with a long flashback.  I suggested she start the book she can include the backstory at the beginning...but she sticks her chin out stubbornly and says she likes where the book starts already, thank you very much.  Grrr.  I suggested she turn it into a prologue.  She thinks that would ruin the suspense.
     I told her she should chop the backstory up into tiny pieces and sew them through the book.  I also told her she could get off her "show-don't-tell" soapbox for the backstory.  And now she's growling...or maybe she's groaning.  Oh, look...there she goes crawling under the table.  <sigh>
     So, Readers, maybe you have some advice for her?  Because I'm done with giving tips for a while.  I'm hoping that you have experience to share from your own research in the art of storycrafting, and that she will listen to you better than she listened to me.  She's going to have to do Something, whether she wants to or not -- even if it is something she already spurned.  Thank you to one and all, in advance, for your help.
Kelsey Harpman

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