Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rooglewood Entry Deadline

If you are entering the Rooglewood contest, today is the last day you can turn in your entry forms.  The story itself doesn't need to be submitted until the 31st, but today you should make sure you have entered.  Here is the link to Rooglewood's page with the rules for the contest and the entry form:  http://www.rooglewoodpress.com/fairy-tale-collections

On a separate note, I was looking at Anne Elisabeth Stengl's blog last week, and I found a mention of the contest and its many entries.  Anne said,
"I've been so excited to see the stories coming in. So many great titles, full of intrigue! I'm looking forward to January when I'll be reading the stories that go on to the second round (though I rather suspect I'll end up peeking at all of them). I've had excited responses from several of the contest readers so far, which definitely makes me that much more eager."
This makes me wish I could read all the entries, too.  :)  And it is fun to think that my story is getting read now, that A.E.S. might end up reading mine (whether it makes it to round two or not), that my story might make it to round two in January, and all the other things that a dreamer can dream about her work.

March 1st is less than 11 weeks away!

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  1. Only 10 and 1/2 weeks away!
    I wonder how many entry forms Rooglewood received...