Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Half-Asleep, Half-Awake, and Emotional

I posted something on Facebook the other day when I was half-asleep.

Usually my Facebook posts evolve like this:

     I write something

     I think about whether it could be taken the wrong way

     I edit it to make it clearer

     I think about who is going to read my post and what they might think about it

     I edit it again

     I think about whether or not anybody out there in cyberspace really needs to know this

     I delete the post without publishing it

     The end

But this time, I just wrote.  I wrote because I was exhausted.  I wrote because I had seen some crazy things and needed to let a little bit of it out.  And I wrote exactly what was on my mind.

And, then, because I was too exhausted to care what people thought about it and whether or not they really needed to know it, I posted it.

And I got a lot of responses back from people.  It meant something to them because it meant something to me.

My brother gave me this advice: Write when you are half-asleep...and half-awake...and emotional.  If that is what it takes to let go of your fears and inhibitions, if that is when you tap into the deeper thoughts that we as humans related to, then write at those times. 

Just let go and write.


  1. :) Thank you, Emily!
    The funny thing is that my brother read this post and said, "Wow, I need to meet your brother." Hehehe. Apparently, he liked his advice.