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Beautiful People July: Mikaya

I'm linking up with Beautiful People again.  This time, I'm showcasing Mikaya from SPINDLE.  Enjoy!

1. What’s their favourite ice cream flavour?
Goody's Ice Cream has this chocolate cookie flavor called Choco-flo.  It's Mikaya's favorite.
2. Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What are they wearing? Who will they be with?

There are parties everywhere, nearly every night.  And there are movies and concerts to attend.  Mikaya and her friends try to keep a variety of events each week.  
Mikaya usually wears her black cuspik that zips up the back.  But sometimes she'll wear a red, or green, or aqua-blue.
And you will be sure to find Azelle and Pritna nearby.
3. Look at your character’s feet. Describe what you see there. Do they wear dress shoes, gym shoes, or none at all? Are they in socks that are ratty and full of holes? What do they consider comfortable and what do they consider agony?

She will either be wearing her dress boots, which are boxy with high heels, or she will be wearing the popular ultrashoes, which are synthetic footwear designed to be as athletic as gym shoes, lightweight and breathable as flipflops, and beautiful as dress boots.  And both her dress boots and her ultrashoes are black, of course.
Mikaya doesn't experience much agony when it comes to clothes.  Clothes are designed for comfort and beauty.  And no one is ever forced to wear anything they are not comfortable in.  G-planet wants everybody as happy as wealth can make them.
4. Do they have any birthmark or scars? Where are they and how did they get them?

Mikaya actually has two scars, but neither are mentioned in the book.  She has one on her knee from the playground (jumped off the top of the slide, her legs buckled when she hit the ground, and she dug her knee into a rock).  The other came from her panicked attempt to escape from <<<<spoiler>>>>> when she was little.
5. What kind of music do they listen to? Does it change depending on their mood or is it always consistent? (Feel free to share samples!)

Music comes and goes pretty quick on G-planet.  Once a band stayed popular for 4 consecutive months.  That was a record; most hit the top ten list for only a week or two.
Mikaya likes music with drums and synthetic strings.  Sometimes she wishes bands didn't disappear so quickly.  But nobody cares about "old" music.  Everything has to be new all the time.
6. Do they have any musical talent? Play an instrument? How’s their singing voice?

Yes, she does have talent, play an instrument, and sing remarkably well.  But not many people know that.  None of her friends can sing.  And flaunting her talents would only plunge her into the music industry where she would be popular for a couple months and then hated.  So, she just sings and plays at home.  It's therapeutic for her, and her dad likes it.
7. What kind of book would you catch them reading?

Books are entirely computer-based on G-planet -- kind of like our kindles.  Mikaya likes adventure and dystopian books.  She probably would have liked the Hunger Games, if they had such a book on her planet.
8. How would they spend their summers (or their holidays)?

G-planet exploits the weather shift brought on by their distance from their sun.  Water games, tanning sites, outdoor sports, and wardrobe resets are popular activities in the summer.
9. It’s Saturday at noon. What is your character doing? Give details. Ex. If they’re eating breakfast, what’s on the menu? Are they hiking, shopping, lazing around?
She's not going to "sleep in" this Saturday.  She did that last Saturday.
So she gets up and tries to call her friends.
But, apparently, they are repeating last Saturday's snooze.
So she heads off by herself.  She weaves her way through the crowds of people in the shopping district.  She rides to the top of an skyscraper and then wanders around the roof.  There are birds up there, and the sky is ablaze with waves of color...something like the aurora borealis.  Somehow, with the sky so close, the hustle and bustle below her seems far away.  She leans against the railing of the roof, staring into the distance while the wind toys with her red hair.  And far away, the time tower chimes twelve.  It's Saturday at noon.
10. Is there anything your character wants to be free of?

Mikaya wants to be free of the looming white steel skyscraper, free of the nightmares it gives her, free of the way it twists society -- or the way that society twists under it.  Sometimes she feels like the whole planet is swirling into a self-destructing vortex -- like the way that water spins, faster and faster, just before it goes down the drain.  And there's nothing she can do about it.


  1. Very interesting, is it a sci fi or dynostopian take on sleeping beauty?

  2. A little sci-fi, but mostly dystopian.


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