Monday, July 6, 2015

Really Cool Ideas

     So far I have heard two or three premises for Sleeping Beauty retellings (not counting my own).  And they are so cool!!!  It makes me wish I had thought of them!
       People have come up with creating twists on the Princess, the Prince, the spindle, the curse, the sleep, the gifts, the setting, and everything else.  Some are using actual events from history.  Others are spinning a creative web all of their own.
     Methinks next year's book will be amazing...


  1. I love hearing about how everyone is doing with their contest entries! I'm going to start writing my soon, and I'm very excited to finally get into it. Next year's book is going to be wonderful! Also, my library just got Five Glass Slippers and I haven't read it before, so this should be fun!

  2. Yay, Ana! May God bless you in your writing!
    Oooh, it will be awesome for you to read FGS. And I'm curious, after you read it, which one is your favorite. :D