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Hi, friends!
     I'm just popping in to update you on my life.

     First of all, I'm going to talk about my three ideas for the Rooglewood Contest.
     The Caver's Kiss is being reviewed, piece by piece, by a couple critique partners of mine.  They are about halfway through the story.  And they are both giving me marvelous and helpful feedback.  If you have not yet let others critique your work, I highly recommend you try.  As an author, you can see the whole picture; but a critique partner will let you know if you sufficiently portrayed that picture to a reader.
     I sent SPINDLE to a blogging friend of mine to have her read it -- not a piece by piece critique, but a whole-story, how-does-this-sound type of review.  It's the first time I've had somebody do that for me, and I'm eager to hear her feedback.  There are parts to the story that I hesitate over, and, if she falters over the same parts, then I'll know for sure we need a big rewrite.
     And AAM is sitting quietly in it's folder, awaiting edits patiently.  Its snippets (that I have scheduled on my blog) make me fall in love with it all over again every week.

     Outside of writing, I am studying in preparation for an 8-hour exam.  I turned in my paperwork (outlining clinicals I successfully completed) last week, and once it is approved they will get me a test date.  If my paperwork is approved and I pass the test, I will become licensed to practice midwifery.  I've been studying and attending births for almost 6 years.  So this is exciting for me.  My hope is that my paperwork will be approved quickly, with no problems; that I will pass the test with excellence; and that the LORD will work the timing out on everything.

     The other big thing in my life right now is making sure I am "in step" with the LORD.  Life can get busy.  We can set our own goals.  We can let ourselves act less like Jesus and more like the world around us.  But that's not the direction I choose.
     I choose to spend time in His Word.  To read the Bible -- lots of it.  To think about it all through the day.  To spend time in prayer.  To pray when I first wake up.  To pray all through the day.  To pray while I exercise.  To pray when I lie down to sleep.  To sing songs to Him.  To listen to songs about Him.  To worship Him.  To listen to Him.  To obey Him.  To imitate Him.  To walk like He would walk.
     I'm done with half-way allegience.  I'm done with distractions that do nothing but help me run faster on my hamster wheel.  I'm serious about this.  And I'm all in.

     I am currently away from home for a bit (or, at least, I was when I wrote this), and spending a Sunday far from my home church.  So I drove around on Saturday and picked a church to attend on Sunday.  There are quite a few around here, so I had to "just pick one" (when you have multiple great options, with no negative consequences associated with any of them, sometimes you have to let go your desire to plan-ahead-and-make-perfect-choices and simply pick one option and stick with it).  And then I went there on Sunday morning for church.  And again on Sunday evening for a Bluegrass jam session.  I learned some things about myself and about them that were fun and fascinating.  Maybe I'll make a post about it sometime.

     Well, that's all for now, folks.  Talk to you later!


  1. I've been thinking about entering that contest too! I LOVE the title, SPINDLE!

    I hope you pass the test!!!

  2. Emileigh, you should enter! If you have time. The deadline is not until December, and I usually don't start writing until, like, September. I entered last year and loved it even though I didn't win. For me, it's an opportunity to hone my writing skills on a short project. And I usually come out of it a better writer than I went into it as.

  3. So excited about your retellings and reading some more snippets! Good luck with your exam! =)


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