Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rooglewood Contest Countdown: 14 days

Ladies and gentlemen,
      We are in the final two weeks of the countdown.  In fourteen days, the five winning stories will be announced.  Huzzah!

     Shall we count down the last 14 days together?  Time flies faster when you are with good friends.  If I write a "countdown post" twice a week, maybe March 1st will be here before we know it.  I could share something contest-related on Mondays and Thursdays.  How does that sound?

     Okay, here it goes.

     I know we've all seen some of the wonderful stories that Rooglewood had to pick from.  Maybe you read the blurbs shared in the September Show and Tell or on some of the blogs around here.  Maybe you proofread a friend's story before she sent it.  Maybe you wrote a great story and submitted this year.  But I think we are all agreed that the Rooglewood team had an awesome set of stories from which to choose.

      Now, of course, we don't know yet which stories Rooglewood picked, but I wanted to ask you: what is a story that you would have picked?

     Better yet, which story looked great to you but was not written by anyone that you know.  Not that we are trying to leave out people that we know because, if you are like me, you have some really talented writer friends.  Instead, assume that all your friends are included.  You want all of your friends to win PLUS this one other person.  Who would it be?

Why do I want to know?  Because it's fun to think about what this next contest holds.  Whether you are a writer or a reader, March 1st is a date to look forward to.

So tell me: what is a great story that MIGHT end up in this year's anthology?


  1. Darkened Slumber
    The Dreams of Spring

  2. Ooo, a countdown sounds like such a good idea! Then I can be impatient with other people instead of on my own :D.

    The Hunter's Heir, Poison Kiss, The Ogre Wars, and Beneath The Dragon Skies. Well ... okay, that's a few stories to many but ... *shrugs*

    1. Yes, thank you for joining me in my eager anticipation (aka, impatience)!
      Oooh, you picked some good ones! Wouldn't it be cool if one of the ones we liked was picked?

  3. It must be getting exciting for you! Or is it more nerve-wracking?

    I finally did the tag you tagged me with last year, and I tagged you back, if you need a little diversion from your counting down. :)


  4. Yaay! This countdown is such a great idea! :D
    Victoria Kahrs's DREAMS OF FATE, Esther Brooksmith's AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE, Allissa Zimmerman's THE HUNTER'S HEIR, Alaina Hornberger's THE GIFT OF SLEEP, and Hannah Williams's THE DREAMS OF SPRING would be my top five picks! (Though it is ever so hard to decide.) I absolutely cannot wait to read FIVE MAGIC SPINDLES!! :D

  5. A countdown! It makes the announcement seem even closer! I know we're all biting our nails in anticipation--and you're right: waiting together does make it feel a bit better!

    I don't (personally) know anyone else that entered the contest, so it's fun to chat with others who have!

    From the show and tell in September, one story that really stuck out to me as unique, and having a good chance of winning, was "The Department of Happily Ever After."

  6. I'm so nervous and excited,
    The Hunter's Heir
    The Department of Happily Ever After

  7. I can't believe it's SO CLOSE! You'd think that I wouldn't freak out as much my third time around, but no. I'm a bundle of excited energy every time I think about it. :D

    Ooh, it's a hard choice. I liked the sounds of Spindle, The Ogre Wars, and The Department of Happily Ever After. But there are so many good ones, including some my friends have written. <3

    By the way, I grinned at your mention of Darkened Slumber--that's my brother's story!