Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Mental Ward - Dealing with Lunies (36)

     "Emery?" Beth's voice was full of panic.
     Emery swung to face her, just in time to see an officer in uniform grasp Beth's arms and pull her back with a yank.  
      Beth's eyes were wide and unblinking.  They fixed on Emery's face, and Emery could see the doubt and disbelief creeping into them.  "Emery?"
      Emery threw her arm out as if to stop the officer.  "Stop!  Let her go!"
      Lights flashed in her eyes again, blinding her, and she felt a rough arm shove against her, sending her stumbling backward against the fence.
     "I don't want to go back!" Beth cried out.  "Don't put me in the box again!  Emery!  Emery, help!"
     The sound wrenched in Emery's heart, and she flung herself at the officer, trying to pull his hands from Emery.  "Let her go!  Let her go!"
      More hands reached out the darkness and yanked Emery back.  She spun, freeing herself from them, and saw that there were 5 of them.  Five burly men in uniform.  
      The one with the flashlight shone his beam on Beth's pale face and then straight into Emery's eyes again.  "Been scouring the town for the lunatic but never expected her to be on this end of town.  Thought that fool truck driver was insane but here's the Beastly they talk about."  He frowned at Emery.  "Don't know who you are.  Don't care.  Don't have a warrant for you."  He dismissed her with a shrug and shone his beam back on Beth.  "Heard terrible things about you, but you don't look so tough now, do you?"  He laughed.  "You'll find that I don't coddle lunies.  You're dealing with Thompson now, little Beastly, and I will make you scream long before you make me scream."
      Beth turned her eyes to Emery and whimpered.
     "Let her go.  She's not Beastly." Emery said, putting as much control into her shaking voice as possible.
     The officer named Thompson ignored her.  "Move out, men."
      Beth screamed as they lifted her.  With all her strength, she pulled her arms free and thrust them out toward Emery.  The image of the little outstretched fingers burned on Emery's memory as Thompson raised his flashlight and brought it down hard across Beth's head.


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    1. This one was actually a little hard to write. With the power of the pen in my hand, I just wanted to fix everything instead of show you the bad part.