Monday, February 29, 2016

The Countdown: Tomorrow!!!!

I am too excited to write a normal post.  Please accept this writerly expression of my anticipation instead.  See you all tomorrow!!!!!

     Once upon a time, there was a princess who received a prick from a spindle that turned her into an authoress.  She was immediately locked away in a tower, there to dream up endless plots and worlds and characters and write them down.  She was told that someday she would be awakened from her dreamy state and introduced into the publishing world by an acceptance from a publishing company (practically the same thing as a kiss from a prince).
     On the last day of February (the 29th, no less, for it was a leap year), rumors were whispered through the tower.  A prince would be passing through on the morrow.  Was he the one?  The authoress did not know.  All she could do was to fall asleep and wait for the dawn.  In the morning she would know if his kiss awakened her or if she must continue in her state of dreams, awaiting the right prince with the right kiss.

      For she knew that someday he would come...


  1. I'm freaking out too, it's tomorrow!

  2. You have no idea how much I loved this post! And you also have no idea how excited I am for March 1st (well actually you probably do, we're in the same boat XD)!!!
    I wonder if our princes will come tomorrow ...


  4. Hey! I just wanted to let you know I'm really sorry your story wasn't nominated for the Rooglewood collection. I know you were really looking forward to that. There will be other opportunities and many other means of publishing your stories both short and long. Don't let one rejection skew your perception of your worth as a writer. Keep writing! That is how you find yourself. <3