Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wherein Esther returns with life news

     Greetings, dear friends!  I have returned to the blogging world!
     My absence provided me a lovely break from deadlines.  I must admit, as much as I love writing, the weeks with no posts to schedule were refreshing.  I highly recommend taking the occasional break, if you can.
     My sabbatical was not empty.  I have been writing -- lots of journalling, mostly.  And I started working at the veterinary clinic again (yay!).  But that's not the biggest thing that has happened.
      The biggest thing is that I now have a boyfriend. And he is awesome.  And this has inspired me to do a bunch of journaling because I have to wrap my brain around this new life journey and because I think better on paper.  I'm sure you writers can relate.
     I will do my best, over the coming months, to not bore you with sappy posts. ;)  But I am excited about the things God in doing in our lives, and my man will probably be mentioned occasionally.  You are forewarned.
      I am in eager anticipation of the coming Rooglewood announcement.  It's less than 4 weeks away!  Can you believe it?  At this time, Anne is reading the top 25 stories and matching them up together.  Maybe she is even sharing her ideas with the other Rooglewood editors by now.  It's so much fun to think about that.
     I've tried to figure out if I think I'll make it into this year's anthology or not.  Sometimes you have a feeling (whether accurate or not) that you are so sure you will win or you are so sure you will not.  But I really don't know this year.  I've kind of given up trying to figure it out and settled myself to wait patiently until March 1st.  How about you?  Any guesses or hopes for how your stories are doing?
     And for those of you still waiting to find out what happens to Emery and Beth: fear not.  I am going to work on it this afternoon and hopefully will have the next installment up on Saturday.
     Thanks again, everyone, for letting me play hooky for a few weeks.  :)  It's good to be back!


  1. ESTHER!!!! So good to see you again!!!

    Exciting!!! Congratulations!! On both working at the clinic and the boyfriend!!

    1. What a warm welcome, Erudessa! You make my heart happy. Thank you! It's good to be back.

  2. I'm nervous about the contest too, I hope we both placed. :D

  3. So good to hear from you again!!
    I'm so happy for you too :)
    And a veterinary clinic...that must be fun to work at!
    As far as my story, I've gone back and forth on whether it has a chance; it's kind of an oddball, almost contemporary type story, so I really don't know if it would fit in, or if it's even good enough to fit in at all.
    But either way I'm looking forward to March 1st! It's going to be awesome seeing the stories and reading them later! I hope you win, because I'm super intrigued by each of your stories :)

    1. Thank you, Mary!
      I know - it's hard when you are flipping back and forth between high hopes and calm resignation. And yes, I am looking forward to March 1st because, whether I make it in or not, it's going to be fun to read about the stories selected! My one hope that I am still hanging onto is that a name I recognize (I.e, any of you guys) makes it into the anthology. If that happens, I am going to be so excited and bouncing for joy.
      Thanks again!

      ... Only 26 more days! :D

  4. Nice to see you back again! I'm glad you haven't forgotten Emery and Beth too, because I haven't either. ;)

    1. Thank you, Jessica! It is fun writing about them again.

  5. YOU'RE BACK!! Congratulations on all the exciting things happening in your life! That's wonderful!