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Rooglewood Countdown: Can We Count Half-Days Now?

     Today is Wednesday, and Saturday doesn't seem far away at all.  I'm starting to count by half-days now: 3 1/2 days...3 days...2 1/2 days...

      My husband's best friend, Skooter, is also a writer.  He isn't published as far as I know, but he has an appreciation for storycrafting.  I've read part of one of his stories, and it was good...good enough that I hated being left hanging when he only gave me the first 19 pages!  Aaaaaah!

      I think my husband forgot that Saturday was the big Facebook reveal party, so he invited Skooter to come over and hang out Saturday evening.

     I was one of the contestants thinking that I'd like to hide in a closet and get the news of the party by myself.  It's an introvert thing.

     But you can't very well do that when you are the lady of the house and you have guests.  Can you imagine the guests entering and asking my husband, "Hey, where's your wife?"  And he would have to answer, "Oh, she's hiding in her closet.  She doesn't want to see anyone."  What would happen?  People would be offended.  Or they would think your family was crazy.  Or something.

     But, Skooter is the one person that is going to be totally awesome as a guest.  He understands both writers and introverts, lol.

     Which means, with my husband, myself, and Skooter, we are going to have the most awesome party ever, and I'm actually super excited about it.  If I win, I'll get a "huzzah!" and a slap on the back.  If I don't win, I'll get one of those awkward, manly expressions of sympathy that are actually much less awkward than being gushed over.  So I can't imagine a better couple of guys to have around.

     Plus, staring at the Facebook page and reading every little detail that everybody posts would probably bore them, even though such things delight my soul.  So they'll be on the TV, and halfway leave me alone while I curl up at the computer.

     It's perfect!

     What about you?  Are you going to have people around you while you are on FB on Saturday?


  1. I told my husband that I was glad that he and Scooter were going to be here because, generally, guys are better than girls at expressing congratulations or sympathy.

    "Yeah, we really are." He said. "No offense."

    :'D :'D :'D

    While I agree with him, his dead-serious confidence cracked me up.

  2. I'm glad you have people to celebrate with! I do think it will be a celebration! Your story was so touching!
    I am having a friend over who also entered, and I am decorating my room up with themes from both of our stories. I'm also making some food for us to eat nervously. It's kinda her birthday party, because I missed it. Should be fun, rooting for you!

    1. Decorating with themes from your stories is such a genius idea!!! And is a must. Your party sounds amazing, and you guys will have so much fun. I'm so excited to see the list of Finalists and Honorable Mentions and Winners!

    2. Time is flying! I agree food makes everything better!

  3. My brother and I both entered, so we'll find somewhere in the house to park ourselves for the evening with our laptops!

    Skye, your party sounds awesome!

    1. Tracey, that's going to be awesome. I kinda wish my brother had entered, too!


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