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Rooglewood Countdown: fast forwarded

Did I say 18 days?

How about 16!!!

Anyone and everyone is invited to join the Rooglewood contest Facebook page on March 31st for a very special announcement party. While the official announcement will be on April 2nd, we get a sneak peak 2 days sooner.

The party will celebrate, not only the five winners, but also the finalists and honorable mentions and perfect scores. It should be so much fun, and I can't wait to read about everybody's stories and see who won!

Furthermore, I have been assured that I don't have to keep the news a secret. So, even if you can't join the party, I can still share the exciting news with you before April 2nd.

So guess what -- the countdown just got fast-forwarded! Only 16 more days!!!

Below is some text I copied from Anne Elisabeth Stengl's post on the contest Facebook page, with the plans for the Party.

8:00 (EST) – Welcome to everyone! And probably a rehash of what to expect.
8:05—A little “speech” from me about the contests, what they’ve meant to me over these last few years. (You’ll see it when you read it.)
Folks are invited to introduce themselves and send virtual hugs at this stage!
8:15—First batch of 5 Honorable Mentions will be listed (along with quotes of praise from their judges)
8:20—Second batch of 5 Honorable Mentions
8:25—Last batch of 3 Honorable Mentions (Keeping in mind that 1 Honorable Mention is actually a winner this year!)
8:30—First batch of 5 Finalists will be listed (along with quotes of praise from their judges)
8:35—Second batch of 5 Finalists
8:40—Third batch of 5 Finalists
8:45—Fourth batch of 5 Finalists
8:50—Fifth batch of 5 Finalists
8:55—Last 2 Finalists listed.
9:00—The cover of the first Special Unicorn will be revealed.
9:05—The cover of the second Special Unicorn will be revealed.
9:10—the cover of the third Special Unicorn will be revealed.
9:15—The cover of the fourth Special Unicorn will be revealed.
9:20—I’ll take a few moments to give my own impressions of the Special Unicorns this year and give all of you time to congratulate those talented authors on their accomplishments.
9:30—I will post the First Line Quote from the first winner. No titles. No names. Just the first line quote so that the winner is the FIRST person to know, before everyone else.
Directly following, I will post the Title and Author Name.
Opportunity for the winner to “say a few words” if she/he wishes.
9:40—First Line Quote of the second winner.
Directly following, I will post the Title and Author Name.
Opportunity for author to “speak” if desired.
9:50—First Line Quote of the third winner.
Directly following, I will post the Title and Author Name.
Opportunity for author to “speak” if desired.
10:00—First Line Quote of the fourth winner.
Directly following, I will post the Title and Author Name.
Opportunity for author to “speak” if desired.
10:10—First Line Quote of the fifth winner.
Directly following, I will post the Title and Author Name.
Opportunity for author to “speak” if desired.
10:20—I will post the final Five Poisoned Apples cover with the five names listed in proper order.
And I’ll make a few closing statements.
We should be done by 10:30!
Note—Winners will NOT be announced in alphabetical order. I plan to announce them in the order in which I chose them for the collection.
If an author does not show up to “speak” and receive her/his prize, we will still continue on the schedule as planned. But don’t worry! I will send all created imagery to the winning authors that night, along with any nice words shared by judges, fellow contestants, etc.
I will tag all Honorable Mentions, Finalists, and Winners as I am able to. I will also try to include actual text along with each image so that those who are not able to read or access the images will still be able to read the text itself. (But if I miss any, feel free to fill in the information in the comments for those readers who need it!)
The OFFICIAL announcement will go up on the Rooglewood contest page on April 2nd as planned, but the winners will not be kept secret anymore after the 31st.


  1. That's so exciting! I wish the contest Facebook page could be made public so that the oddballs without FB (*cough* me) would be able to see all the celebrating!

    1. I know some people are borrowing Facebook accounts for the evening (invite a FB friend to your house and have them join the group so you can both watch). And I know Anne Elisabeth Stengl is going to send out the summary of info to the non-FB people. You're not the only one!

    2. Good idea. And that's really good to know that she'll be sending out a summary! (Thanks for relaying info throughout this time of waiting, btw. <3)


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