Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12,000 words and counting

     I have heard other writers talking about how much they have written in their books.  They say things like, "Oh, I wrote 10k words on my book this week," or "I wrote about 62k words on my book, and I probably have another 10k or 15k before it is done."
     These other writers have been blogging about their writing longer than I have, so I feel like a big girl now that I can say that Bella and Gerard has over 12k words.
     Unless someone makes me, I don't write to a word count.  I just write my story, and I will worry about how many words it has after I am done.  After all, who knows what changes may come during the editing process?  There is no point in worrying about the number of words yet.
     A novel generally seems to run 50k to 80k words (sometimes a little more or less based on the genre and the age range of the readers).  I can't predict how many more words there are in Bella and Gerard, but I am still introducing characters and plot strings into the story so I imagine I have quite a ways to go.  This story may be a novel yet.
     For those of you who are monitoring the progress of Bella and Gerard, I just introduced Harry and John into the book.  For those of you who have no idea who Harry and John are, please read my earlier posts on those characters.  I talked about Harry in November, and I introduced John to my blog on October 26.
     And now I am off to write some more...

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