Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Talk to My Instructor About Playing with Caleb


     With all of my interactions with Caleb, I was hesitant.  Was I even allowed to play with him?  He obviously wanted to be played with, and maybe, somehow, I could help him become a better horse for his current owner or any owners he would have in the future.
     So I went to talk to my instructor.  Could I play with Caleb?
     That conversation was easy.  She said she would be thrilled for me to play with Caleb some.  His owner had just called and offered to give him to her (again, and my instructor turned her down again), and maybe Caleb would even be available for me to own at some point. 
     She warned me that Caleb was a left-brained introvert who occasionally, and somewhat unpredictably, switches to a right-brained extrovert.  In other words, he is usually slow to move his feet and quick to think, but he flashes into full-action panic mode at times.  This, my instructor said, scares people.
     After telling me all about Caleb, my instructor summarized that, if I have extra time after I play with WhiteStar, it would be great for me to play with Caleb...but I should have my instructor there to help me with him when I do. 
     "Caleb is not a beginner's horse," she said multiple times.
     I think this is a great idea.  I would like to have my instructor's help anyway.  This is very, very new territory for me...

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