Monday, December 9, 2013

Is My Chihuahua Dying?!?

     Dr. Madison sat in the treatment area in the back of her veterinary clinic.  She was writing her clinical notes in the various charts from the morning appointments.  It had been a fairly quiet morning.
     Suddenly, pandemonium broke loose in the lobby.  Two women, sobbing and screaming, burst through the front door.  One of them held a tiny chihuahua who was "ki-yi-ing" at the top of his lungs.  Both women were too hysterical to explain what was going on, and the poor receptionist could not make heads or tails of the situation.
     Dr. Madison brought both women and the screaming chihuahua into an exam room.
     "We don't know what happened," one of the women managed to say.  She was visibly shaking.  "He just started screaming.  We came here as fast as we could."  And, with that, the woman started wailing again.  "Oh, my baby!!!  My poor baby!!!  What's wrong!!!  My poor baby!!!"
     "May I see him?" Dr. Madison asked gently.  Very tenderly, she reached for the panicky chihuahua.  As she took him into her hands, she noticed that his foot had somehow gotten caught in his collar.  Dr. Madison carefully slid the foot free.
     Instantly the chihuahua was quiet...and grateful.
     Dr. Madison finished examining him, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with him.  He had just gotten his foot stuck and, when he "ki-yi-ed" for help, his doting owners panicked and rushed him to the doctor's.  They had not noticed his trapped foot.
     No, ma'am, your chihuahua is not dying.

{The above story was based on a true story, but names have been changed.}

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