Saturday, December 28, 2013

I've Jumped into a Dungeon

     A while back, I had this random idea about a princess' discovery of a dungeon in her own castle.  It didn't seem like much of a story, but I typed up the first chapter to make myself feel better.  Then I shelved the project away -- not intending to ever come back to it.
     But, in the past 7 days, the dungeon came alive to me.  Strands of storylines and characters wound through my head.  Yesterday, I had the chance to sit down and type, and I wrote nearly 5k words.
     I'm at a little bit of a block today.  Yesterday, after many failed attempts, the princess made it down into the dungeon.  Today, she is trying to return to the dungeon, but the door is locked...again.  I am not sure why the door is locked and I am working hard to find a way to get her down there.  I'd really like her to be able to go down at will now.  If only she could find a secret door...or maybe find the keys...or something...I don't know, but that is where I am stuck (my princess is staring at the locked door with an armful of fruit) and I just have to figure out a way to open the door.
     I am having so much fun writing this one.  :)
     My princess is not having fun.  No, I am sorry to say she is having rather a rough time of it.  But that is what happens when a very sheltered princess finds out that other people are suffering and it's sort of her fault.
      But...I don't want to give away too much of the story just yet.  ;)  So that is all that I am saying about it today.
     And, you will be happy to know, I think I may have just figured out a way to get my princess through the door...I'm off to try it out!

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