Friday, December 27, 2013

Distractions During Intense Scenes

     Writers will tell you how much it means to them to be left alone while they are writing.  We have to be able to concentrate as we weave our tales.  And people trying to talk to you can make that difficult.
     I tend to get very involved in my writing.  When I am telling a story, I am there.  I can see it, I can feel it.  The emotions of the moment are strong inside me as I write.
     And my dog notices.
     Whenever I am writing an intense scene, when I am deep in that moment, when I am far, far away from real life..., this is when my dog feels the need to bring me back.  He props his front feet on my knee and howls.
     Yes, he howls.
      And then, as I quickly fall out of my story and back to earth, he wags his tail furiously.
      Now, how am I supposed to concentrate?

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