Tuesday, November 4, 2014

About that Cycle

I just realized how closely I have been following this cycle in my Rooglewood Contest project.
Here's to hoping it wins after all!


  1. You seem to have a lot of good stories in working! Are we able to read any online or are you just holding people in suspense?

  2. Hi, anonymous!
    Thank you! I am glad that you like the story ideas I have in the works! It is always great to hear feedback like that.
    Right now, you will have to content yourself with the quotes and scenes that I post and the occasional short story. You can look back through my archives for that. I don't have any full-length stories available to read online. I wouldn't want to spoil a story before it is published. ;)
    Hopefully the wait (and suspense) will be worth it, and I think it will. However, I would love to hear about types of posts you would like to read between now and then. And if I have enough people interested in regular posting of short stories, I am happy to do that as well.
    Thank you again for commenting and I hope to hear from you more in the future.