Monday, November 10, 2014

New Books, Excited Jitters, Cold Winds, and New Friends

This post is a collection of randomness.

     First of all, Plenilune by Freitag was amazing.  Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it for everyone...and that's just how it is.  But the writing was superb.  There were maybe two places where I remembered it was written by a young human...for the rest of it, I was as deeply submersed in Plenilune as Miss Coventry.  Earth?  Where is that?  I am sorely tempted to go live on Plenilune now.
     Like I said, I wouldn't recommend it for everyone -- there were a couple things I thought should have been left out -- but my brain very quickly forgets those things.  And I loved the way Jenny sucked me into the story, weaving my heart through the changes until it was almost a shock to look back and see how far we had come.  Plus, I loved the adventure and action...and the BIGNESS of the story.  There was no timidity in the writing and it beckoned you to greatness.  Awesome piece of work.

     Second of all, I have started reading Anon, Sir, Anon (you know, that book I have been advertising for Rachel).  And, wow, is it good!  Cozy, little mystery novel is a perfect name for it.  And I fell in love with it from the first sentence.  (Rachel, you extracted a laugh from me in the first dozen words!  How do you do that?)  The characters are vivid and absolutely adorable, and she is weaving this story with the skill of a master.  It also feels more "real" to me than ordinary mysteries.  I haven't finished it yet so I can't speak for the entirety, but, right now, this book tops my list of mystery novels.  It is very good.

     Third of all, I am still excited over the fact that I submitted a story to Rooglewood.  March 1st seems a long way away, but I like the fact that winning is just the beginning.  It's not a "we'll print your name in a magazine this once and give you $$$."  It is the start of editing and publishing with a traditional publisher.  That's worth hoping for.

     Fourth of all, I am enjoying the weather as it starts to turn crisp and cold.  Joy, it blows my mind that things are getting warmer now in your part of the world.  What a crazy, awesome design of our Creator!

     Fifth of all, I am super-excited that I have 11 followers now.  Thanks, guys!!!


  1. Hurrah! I just love this post, Esther. It is so full of cheer, you know :). Golly! You read Plenilune?!! - ooh, I so can't wait to read it! I just ordered my copy this weekend and I am really excited. I have a feeling my emotions will be the same as yours regarding this novel. :))

    I read Anon, Sir, Anon, so I am ahead of you in this! Ah, yes, yes, I agree with you totally for all that the book is like. It is brilliant all the way through - I promise!

    All the best with your Beauty and the Beast story entry, Esther. I hope you win!!

    Gee, yeah, I know - the differences in our seasonal climates. I would give something for a little of your coolness, right now ;), it is SOvery HOT down in Australia right now!! It is funny, I missed out on most of winter this year, as just when it turned cold, we traveled to England where it was summer and really, wondrrfully warm. By the time we got home to Australia, it had turned Spring :).

    But then again, iI love summer too! Oh yes, our Lord is wonderous in His Creative Works!!

    Lots of love,

  2. Thank you, Joy! And congratulations on winning Rachel's giveaway! I was so delighted to see your name posted as the winner! :)