Wednesday, November 26, 2014


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     Tomorrow, I will not be posting -- I will be celebrating Thanksgiving.
     Thanksgiving is a holiday in my country.  It is inspired by a feast held by the pilgrims who came to this land long ago.  They set aside a day to rejoice and to thank God for what He had done for them.  Centuries later, President Lincoln set it up as a yearly national holiday.
     Thanksgiving is celebrated in my family with a meal together -- with as much of the family as possible (and sometimes, a few extra people).  Turkey is typically served, and, thanks to my in-laws, so is cranberry sauce.  Pie, also, is sort of expected. J  And there are numerous other delicious dishes that vary from year to year.
     Before the meal is a bustle of women in the kitchen (the men go in the other room to talk or play guitar or they go outside to do stuff with my dad).  It always amazes my dad how we can fit so many ladies in our little kitchen without crashing into each other.
     After the meal, we split again.  The cleanup is less of a bustle and more of a fun party of dishwashing.  Dishwashing is not my favorite task, but there is something about a group of women determined to make the mundane chores exciting.  It's so much better in a group like that.  :)
     Some time during the day, I will play with my nieces and nephews.  There will be more music through the day.  There might be something that has to do with target practice.  And there will be time set aside to thank God for what He has done for us.
     I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!

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