Saturday, November 29, 2014

Snippets from 100for100: Week Eleven

     “The second day is easier,” I told myself, shifting my backpack and lifting my chin confidently.  I knew where my locker was.  I knew where my classes were.  I should be fine.
     April caught my eye when I reached my locker.  I smiled at her.  She turned away and whispered to the girl next to her.  I looked from April’s straight strawberry blonde hair to the black, cascading curls of her friend.  While I watched, the new girl surveyed me with a stony gaze that was anything but friendly.

     “Stubborn girl,” Brant scolded, swinging around in front of me to study my face.  “I’m coming with you.  No getting out of it.”  He dropped into step next to me.  “There’s something strange going on here, and I’d like to figure it out.”

     A flicker of white and then red flickered across her face.  “As you wish,” she said tersely. 

     He reached for my hand, pulling it out of the pocket and grasping it firmly.  “There’s an ice cream palor in town,” he said.
     “Parlor,” I corrected.


     Wham!  A large shoulder collided into my own, spinning me away from the parlor window.  I looked up to see a man in a trench coat pushing past me.  His hat was pulled low over his ears.
     “Hey,” I shouted, more from surprise than anything.
     He strode on without so much as a “beg your pardon.”
     “Watch where you’re going, mister,” I shouted after him.


     Brant stepped forward until he was eye to eye with me.  “I don’t want you running off with him anymore,” he said, flatly.  His eyes dared me to defy him until I felt myself shrinking under them as much as Mason had.

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