Monday, November 17, 2014

Outlandish But Beautiful

A journey to the center of the Earth by be*curious, via Flickr - France / Languedoc-Roussillon / GROTTE DE LIMOUSIS The largest developed cave in Aude. It is made up of eight chambers and a series of five stalagmite barriers and a large number of concretions. The last chamber houses an exceptional mass of aragonite crystals, known as the Chandelier, 4 metres in height and 10 metres round.
     A friend gave me a writing prompt the other day (a simple, "he opened the door and saw..."), and through it I stumbled into another world beneath our own.  It was beautiful but boldly different from any place I have gone before.  That's a new thing for me -- my books have mostly traveled the realm of places you might see every day -- or you would see if you traveled back in time.  This, however...while believable...was fearless in its uniqueness. 
     And it was a delight for me to roam around and explore.

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How about you?  Have you ever written a place that was both outlandish and beautiful?

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