Friday, May 1, 2015

Time-Traveler Letter from 2014

Old letters
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      Hello, everyone!  In case you haven't read the title of this post, let me inform you that this is a time-traveler letter from 2014.  In other words, you are reading this on May 1, 2015, but I am writing this a year before.  Writing time-traveler letters to myself is something I have done for years, but doing it on a blog is something recently inspired by a fellow writer who calls herself Anne-girl.
      There are a number of blogs that have been influential for me, but, as of May 2014, the top two are and  It will be neat to see whether I still follow those two writers in 2015 and who else has been influential.
     I have Dungeon completed in a draft form, and it needs to be rewritten.  The same goes for Ariana's Island.  The new project I am working on is still untitled and has been going under the name of "BB" (which isn't really a name at all but is a way I can reference it until it gets a name).  At the moment, all of my other big writing projects have taken a backseat.
     My biggest flaw to work out of my writing at the moment is to keep from repeating myself too much.  There has to be a way to be clearly understood without hammering my readers with the same facts said 5 different ways.  Also, I am not sure how to include descriptions of my setting without boring my readers.  Anne-girl had some tips but I haven't made them work for me yet.
     I don't know how you would classify my writing.  I haven't settled on a genre or an age-group or a particular style.  I don't know which famous author my writing most closely resembles.  I simply write what comes to me to write.  I know that publishers like to put people in boxes so, at some point, I will probably have to find a box that works for me.  Maybe by the time you are reading this I will have categorized myself.  But, for now, I am entirely free, and readers are welcome to make their own judgments regarding my style.
     Already I am learning a great deal about writing.  I am getting braver to try things.  I feel like I have a better handle on the "work" of writing than I have before.  With such changes already occurring, I am optimistic as to my continued progress.  Who knows how much I will improve by 2015?
     Thank you for reading my time-traveler letter.  Have a great day!

P.S. Check out this post from April 12 for my 6-month stats.  Also I currently have 5 followers.


  1. What a neat idea! It was exciting to read a post that had been waiting a year to be seen. I'm rather curious now about the writings mentioned.
    I think I did something similar on a future letter should come back this November if I remember correctly.

  2. Oh...and November seems so far away at the moment, doesn't it? That's pretty cool, though. It should be fun to read your letter when it's time comes. Was it a one-year letter (like my blog post)?

  3. Haha, yes it does seem far away! It was a one-year letter too.
    Will you do another time traveler post for next year?

    1. Yes, I will! I already have it written and scheduled to be published next May 1st. :D It was fun this time so I am looking forward to opening and reading this one in a year.