Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Upcoming Contest

     I was thinking today of Anne Elisabeth Stengl and her upcoming fairy tale retelling contest.  It's less than a month until she announces this year's topic, you know.  Curiosity made me pop over to her blog to see if anything new had been posted.  And it had!

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     I feel a little at limbo, wanting to get my current projects to a good stopping place so I can focus on her contest when it comes out.  And I am eager to find out what this year's contest will be.  Her clues, far from helping me uncover details, have only baffled me further.  I am not Sherlock.  All my efforts to guess have been fruitless.  Apparently, I am more of a Watson; and I will sit back and wait for her to tell me what it is (all the while, admiring her genius).

      If the appeal of her contest was not enough, I am pleased to see how well the previous anthologies are doing.  Five Glass Slippers has been a top seller on Amazon and is now being translated into foreign languages.  Five Enchanted Roses is still under edits, but is looking like it will rocket to the same heights as FGS.  Anne Elisabeth Stengl and her team know how to make a good anthology and market it.  Everything - from artwork to promotions - has been done with excellence.  Wouldn't you like to be featured by the same publishing company?

     Some of you (-Ana!-) are following this as closely as I am.  Do all of you know about Rooglewood's contest?  If not, then keep checking back here or on www.rooglewoodpress.com .  On June 1st, Anne will announce the contest along with the rules and other details.  It's less than a month away!


  1. I did not know about this, but thanks for the heads up. I definitely want to enter.

  2. Um, yes, I am following it VERY CLOSELY, but there are barely any hints. The only hint I've gotten so far is that the fairytale is a lesser known one than the previous fairytales but still well known. And that is very, very helpful. *sarcasm* Still, I suppose that's part of the fun!

  3. Oh, there is one more hint, Ana -- although not any more conclusive. Anne said that she personally finds this fairy tale inspiring.

  4. See what we mean, people? The hints only tickle your curiosity, without really telling you anything.

  5. But, yes, Ana, it really is part of the fun. The logical side of me is very glad that she doesn't reveal too much too soon. That wouldn't be fair to anyone who missed one hint or another. But the non-logical side of me is wild to find out what it is -- a feeling heightened by the grasp-at-the-wind clues.

  6. As a side note, it is really fun for me that you are as interested in this as I am, Ana. And I hope that you win this year and that you have a blast writing your entry/entries. :D

  7. Oh yes, I forgot that hint, but it's most certainly still inconclusive. I keep on trying to guess, but my guesses are based on very little-so much that they are almost pure guesses.

    Haha, my logical and illogical sides are warring, too.

    Aw, thanks. I wish the same for you, and maybe we'll even be fellow winners! I'm sure we'll both have fun writing our stories whether we win or not.

    1. Exactly!
      And we will definitely have fun, regardless of winning or not.