Monday, November 9, 2015

ROOGLEWOOD announcement

Attention, those of you participating in the Rooglewood contest, please check out an important announcement on the Rooglewood page:!writing-contest/c22i6
The guidelines haven't changed for us -- we still have the same deadlines. But there is a window of time wherein any submitted forms will have to sit patiently in an inbox for a while. In other words, if you submit your application tomorrow, you can count on not getting your "please-send-your-story" email until December 20th.
Applications must still be postmarked by December 16, and stories must still be submitted by the end of December.
So really, nothing has changed for us, except now we are prepared to be patient. I don't know about you, but I'm actually glad to know I have that long for edits without feeling like THEY are waiting on ME.


  1. I almost, almost, almost did it this year. Almost....but I didn't

    1. Well...that narrows the competition for us a little bit this year. ;)
      It's a fun contest. I hope you get to do it next year!

  2. Hi, there! A little update: I got my email from Rooglewood, stating that I may send in AAM whenever it is ready (as long as it's by December 31st). Hurray!!!