Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Mental Ward - We're Ready (25)

     "Hello?" Emery held the intercom button.  "Anyone there?"
      "Hi, Miss Clayton, we're here.  Have you found the control box?" A voice crackled through the intercom.
     Emery glanced down at the sheet under the desk.  "Yes, I've got it."
     "Okay."  There was a scrambling noise and then a new voice came on the line.  "Miss Clayton, the first thing is to get you out of there.  Use the box to open the necessary doors and bring the box to us."
     Beth chewed a finger, looking worriedly at Emery.
     Emery shook her head at Beth.  "No.  I think you should come to us.  And one of the staff here needs a doctor.  I'll open the doors for you."
     The intercom went silent for a moment.  Then a voice spoke.  "Miss Clayton, can you tell us exactly where Beastly is?"
     "That's okay, Miss Clayton.  Don't worry about it.  We are ready."
     A voice in the background echoed, "That's right!  We're ready!"
     "Okay." Emery took a deep breath.  "On the count of twelve, I'm opening the front doors."  She pushed away from the wall and ran to pick up the control box.  "Come on, Beth," she whispered.  "We've got to move fast."

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