Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Mental Ward - Missing Egypt (24)

     Emery was halfway down the hall before she realized Beth hadn't followed her.  The white-clad little girl stood stolidly where Emery had left her.
      "Come on, Beth!" Emery called.
     Beth didn't move.  "They're not going to let me leave."
     A pang hit Emery's heart.  "I know."
     "They're going to come at me with their tubes and their needles."  Beth's voice rose.  "They're going to put me back in the Box."  She grasped her hair with both fists.  "I don't want to go back in the Box!"
      Emery ran back and grabbed Beth's shoulders.  "Don't panic, Beth.  It's going to be okay.  I'll get you out of here.  Don't forget what's already happened -- remember?  You are already freer than you have been in a long time."
      Beth whimpered.  "I need IT.  IT was the only way I was strong enough to fight them."
     Emery shook Beth's shoulders.  "No, you don't need IT.  Look where IT put you.  You need the One who is stronger than it.  Remember?  You are as forgetful as the children of Israel!"
     Beth peeked up at Emery.  "As who?"
     "Never mind.  I'll tell you that story later.  Come on -- let's get out of here."  Emery led the way down the hall and this time Beth followed.
     "But what if we can't get out?" Beth murmured.
     "Hush.  We'll get out.  I have a plan."  Emery hurried into the office, dropped to the floor in front of the desk, and pulled aside the sheet.  Hidden underneath was the control box.  "With this box, we can open and close doors, lock and unlock elevators."
      Beth dropped beside her.  "I know." She pointed at a switch.  "That's the Box."
      Quickly, Emery looked over the control panel box, making a path in her mind as she surveyed the switches and knobs.
      "Okay, Beth, I need you to be very quiet for a minute.  I'm going to make a call..."


  1. Oh, what's going to happen next! I hope they make it out... I have a lot of sympathy for Emery and Beth.