Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Traditions

     People have various New Year's traditions.  Most of them haven't made it past the "oh, that's a neat idea" stage for me.  But I do have one thing that I specifically try to do on New Year's Day.

     I write in my New Year's Day book.
     I made up the idea myself several years ago.  I got a notebook and put it on my shelf, promising to write in it only one day out of the year.  I picked New Year's Day because I was usually off work on that day, and our family spends the day very quietly.  There are no presents, no parties, no expected holiday demands.  It was a predictable time each year when I would be able to write something.  And, since I only write in the notebook once a year, it becomes a sort of time-traveler book.
     There are no rules about what I should write in it.  I tend to write a list of memorable events from the past year, but I don't have to.  It's mostly important that I just write something in it and on New Year's Day only.
     What about you?  Is there anything that you especially try to do on New Year's Day?

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