Thursday, January 9, 2014

Abram's Dream

Another clip from Dungeon:

     He reached for her but she was not there.  She was but a figment of his imagination.
     Real or not, she was talking to him.
     "Abram," she said reproachfully.
     His heart caught in his throat.  She knew about his dilema.
     "You have to tell them, Abram," she urged him.
     He licked his lips and finally found his voice.  "But I don't want trouble.  I'm no talebearer."
     "Talebearer or no, trouble is what you have got, Abram," his wife said, pointedly.  "Look at you -- trapped in a dungeon!  And you know you'll not have peace with this secret weighing on your chest.  Our life will be worse ***** ****** ****, and you will always feel it to be your fault for not doing your duty to your king and country."
     Abram licked his lips again.  "We don't know that," he argued.
     "Abram," his wife remonstrated.
     A loud clang interrupted her.  Abram's eyes flew open.  It was dark.  He had been asleep.

[Note: I had to insert *** in place of a spoiler!]

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