Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An author's Parable

     A parable, as you may know, is a regular-life story that helps demonstrate something about God.  There are parables all around us, and I am seeing a bit of a parable in the story I am working on right now.
     You see, I am the author.  I know where this story is going and I know how it will end.
     There is a bad guy in this book.  He has his own plot.  He has already decided how this story should end to best benefit him, and he has been implementing a plot to make his ending come true.
     I am well aware of his plot.  I have his list of exactly what would happen at every point in the story if he were writing it.  He is currently weaving a web to trap everybody into doing exactly what he wants.
     Up to this point, his plots have not bothered me.  In fact, they have fit pretty well into my own plot.  You might not have guessed it since my plan is to expose/punish the bad guy and change the country for the better.  But knowing that I will win, I have been working through my other characters to bring about my plan, and I haven't been bothered by the schemes of the bad guy.  And everything that he has plotted for evil, I am going to turn for good.
    So far, our plots have been running simultaneously: I am moving my players into place and he is doing the same.  My characters have been taking their time moving into place because they each have their own issues to work through to get there.  Their slowness does not bother me - partly because I know that they will still get there in time and partly because my plot includes the changing of the individuals as well as the changes for the country.
     Soon I will reach the end of my little story.  Already, the plans of the bad guy are beginning to be thwarted and mine are gaining momentum.  The bad guy is currently scrambling for his plan B and C and so forth, but soon he will be defeated altogether and my grand finale will be revealed.  It will be good.

     Now my parable is not a perfect comparison because I, obviously, am not God.  However, I do see how it is that God is writing our story, how He is not phased by the things that happen in the story (the way we characters might be), how He is not worried about how the characters (or even the bad guys) behave, and how He will end the story the way that He planned to do so.  And, if I were a more perfect author, you could draw many more comparisons.
     What "parables" do you see in your own life?

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