Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stay the Course!

"Patience, my dear!  Stay the course!  There will be time for perfection later."
     There comes a point in each of my writing projects when I suddenly glance back over what I have done so far and see flaws.  One character needs a little more development.  A certain scene needs to be longer.  Another scene should be deleted altogether.  The flow between two paragraphs needs to be ironed out a bit.  These things becoming glaringly obvious, and I am tempted to do one of two things:
          1. Put the project away for a while. OR
          2. Go back right away and try to fix everything.
     So here I am in the Dungeon.  Everything is coming together beautifully.  Honestly, even though this is not necessarily my usual style or topic, I am having so much fun with this one.  I have felt a lot more comfortable with who my characters are and what their individual plans and motives might be.
     Usually, writers are not known for being excited about the editing process, but last night I had so many good ideas that I was actually looking forward to it.
     I had to laugh at myself.  "Hold that thought," I told myself.  Of course, I want myself to be excited about editing.  But have patience, my dear!  Let's finish the first draft before we start in on the second. ;)  There will be time for perfection later...

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