Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Introducing Gorgus

Hi, all!  I am not sure if I have introduced Gorgus yet.  He is a dungeon guard.  Here is the scene where the princess first catches a glimpse of him.  She, at the beginning of the scene, is at the dungeon door and about to try to open it. 
   Suddenly, the door from the level above creaked open.  Someone was coming down the stairs.  The princess shrank into the darkness of the hallway, hiding behind some wooden boxes by the dungeon door, as heavy footsteps clumped, one step at a time, down the stairs toward her.

     Peering around the boxes, the princess saw the man turn down the left hallway, coming straight toward her.  He was a big man – not tall, but as solid as the trunk of a tree.  His arms were huge and powerful...bare except for leather bands.  He wore a short tunic, made of metal and leather, that came to his knees.  From his belt hung a dagger, a sword, and a large stick.  On his feet he wore sandals that had leather straps that wrapped around his bulging calves.  His dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail at the base of his neck, and his dingy yellow goatee was so long that it reached his chest.  Over his one shoulder he carried a barrel, and in his other hand he carried a flaming torch.  His eyes were focused on his destination.  He swung open the dungeon door and stomped down the dungeon stairs, slamming and latching the dungeon door closed behind him without even noticing the princess in the dark.

     For a moment, the princess did not move.  That man had looked terrifying.  The princess felt a delightful shiver of fear.  He was exactly the sort of character that fit in with Hatach’s stories of dungeons.  She was even more determined to explore the dungeon for herself. 

     She stood up and tugged at the door again, but the monstrous man had locked it from the inside.  She tried to jiggle the latches...to no avail.

     “Grrr,” the princess grumbled in frustration.

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