Monday, January 20, 2014

Theme Songs

     I heard this song for the first time...about a year after I got the idea for The Ultimate Stand.  [It wasn't this band that performed it, but this is close enough].  I loved it, and it struck me as very fitting for The Ultimate Stand. 
     I wish I could show you the picture I have in my mind as I hear this song.  I see somebody standing there...somebody that should be afraid.  Dark forces have risen against this person, threatening his/her life.  Shouldn't this person be cowering?  But, no, he/she is standing boldly there, looking toward God, knowing....KNOWING...that help is on the way.  Like a soldier defending his fort in the face of overwhelming odds because his entire army is only moments away from coming to his aid, so this person resolutely holds his/her ground.  And, unlike human armies that can fail, God never fails.  As this person looks toward the horizon, resolute and steadfast, all the troubles and foes and chaos kind of fade they don't really matter.  No matter what the dark forces try to take away, it will be hundred times over restored when the time comes.  And so this person stands, facing the troubles, with no fear.
     Fearless and resolute...that's what this song sounds like to me.

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