Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Idea

     On February 4th, I was suddenly gifted with an idea for another story.  Now this is nothing new.  I never seem to be at a loss of story ideas, as you probably know.  I am going to play with this one for a little while and see if it has the potential to go anywhere.
     I am planning and writing simultaneously.  Someone was using the computer when I wanted to start writing so I sat down with a piece of paper and wrote an outline of plot and characters.  Those lists are incomplete.  So even though I am writing now, I occasionally take breaks and work more on character development on the side.
     Multiple characters have been introduced into the story so far.  But there are four that I am rather intrigued by. 
     One is a beautiful girl who lives with her papa.  I need to know more about her.  What is she like?  What are her strengths?
     One is a boy named Curt Hanson.  He is an athletically gifted young man and undisputably the handsomest boy in his village.  He is currently seeking the hand of the above-mentioned beautiful girl.  I need to know a little more about his strengths and weaknesses, too.
     One is the childhood friend and almost constant companion of Curt Hanson.  It's a boy named Willie.  Willie is Curt's opposite in many respects.  He is neither handsome, nor clever, nor talented.  He adores Curt in his own simple way.  Curt is his hero, the one whom he wishes he could be like, and the one whom he tries desperately to please.
     The village folk do not understand why Curt tolerates such an awkward simpleton.  They are rather impressed with his patience.  But, in truth, patience is not the reason Curt keeps Willie around.  Curt's largest flaw is his own ego, and the constant comparison with Willie is immensely flattering.
       The fourth character that I am eager to learn about is one that I have not seen yet.  But there is smoke from an abandoned chimney, and I suspect a fascinating story behind that.

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