Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Send In Your Questions

As you will see below, several of my characters from Dungeon have agreed to be questioned.  Feel free to email questions to me or post them in the comments below.

The Princess:
When I asked her, she was standing by the window, tossing crumbs to her birds.  She was quiet for a moment as she pondered my request.  Then she spoke.  "It's my duty, isn't it?" she said, softly.  "To be there for them when they need me, to let them know me as I now wish to know them.  I will be glad to answer the questions of your friends."

The Villain:
He was not happy to see me coming.  From the distance, I could see shards of anger and resentment flickering across his face. 
When I reached him, his face was calm and he bowed with the courtesy of a nobleman, but I know him too well to fall for his polite pretenses.  I stated my request, looking straight into those cold, calculating eyes and watching him weigh his response before he spoke. 
"It's not in my job description," came his pointed answer.
"When has that ever stopped you," I fired back.  Job description, indeed!
His mouth filled with a hundred things he wanted to say but he restrained himself.  He was a master of his own, and I suddenly realized I was unlikely to get an answer to my sharp words. 
"Is not an audience to your liking?" I tried again, more gently.  As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey...
His self-restraint was now fully in control.  Try as I did to read his face, I could not discern his thoughts.
"Send me the questions," he said.  "I will look over them."

I met with Jacob on the steps of the castle, as he was leaving, and asked him if he would answer questions for my readers.
"Isn't that rather a child's play?" he asked.  His face was both incredulous and amused.
"It is not childish to want answers," I replied.  "You yourself wanted answers, did you not?"
"Yes, but that was because..." he began.
"Shhh," I said quickly, putting a hand out as if to stop him.  "Don't give away any spoilers!"
A servant approached with a white horse, and Jacob swung himself into the saddle.
"Any other restrictions I should know about?" he queried.
I shook my head.  "No, you can answer as you see fit, as long as you don't reveal too much of the story," I told him.
"When do you need the answers?" he asked, shifting his weight as his white horse danced underneath him, eager to go.
"They will be asking the questions for the next 7 days, and I will post your answers some time in the following seven days," I responded.
"Sounds entertaining," he said, lightly, before promising, "I will answer your friends' questions as you request."  Then he urged his horse into a canter and rode away.

"Me, miss?" Molly gasped, looking up from her scrubbing.  She was kneeling on the stone floor, and sudsy water dripped from the rag in her hand.
"Yes," I answered.  "I want people to be able to ask you questions on my blog."
"What kind of questions, miss?" Molly wanted to know.  She looked a little bewildered.
"Questions about you, of course," I responded.  "Who you are, what you are like, and so forth."
"But I'm only a maid, miss.  No one has ever wanted to know about me before," Molly said.
"You play an important role in my story," I told her.
She looked at me with her mouth open.  "I do, miss?" she exclaimed.
I laughed.
"Will you answer some questions?  Please?" I pleaded with my best winning smile.
Molly blushed.  "Yes, miss...if you want me to," she agreed.  "As long as they won't be too hard."

I am sorry to say Gorgus will not be answering any questions.  The threat he gave me when I went to ask him is not worth repeating.  He is obviously in a bad mood.
And he probably wouldn't be able to read any questions, were they sent to him.
So it is just as well.

Rachel was sitting under a tree at the top of a hill overlooking the village when I found her.  She turned out to be the easiest person to ask about the questions.
"How much things have changed," she said, dreamily.  "I can hardly believe people will be asking me questions.  And don't worry -- I won't be offended if they don't.  But I do have a story to tell, haven't I?  Not the main story, but my own redemption."
She looked at me and smiled.  "I would love to answer questions, if any of them come for me."

So there you have it!  You can ask anything you want of any of my willing characters.  Post one question or multiple questions.  But please ask something!
Leave your questions in the comments section or email me directly, and we will compile a list.   Next week, I will post their answers.  I look forward to hearing your questions and learning more about my characters through them!

P.S. You can also learn more about Dungeon by clicking the label by that name.  That will bring up all my posts on the subject.


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