Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Scribblers' Conference Giveaway

Hi, everybody!
     As I announced earlier, Anne-girl is hosting the 2014 Scribblers' Conference on her blog.  Part of that is a giveaway.  If you are interested, check out this blog post:
     Anne-girl, as part of her giveaway, challenged us to blog about our first book that we wrote.  I think the first book I decided to write was about an amazing black horse with such wondrous speed that he made all real horses look like hobbyhorses.  This amazing horse loved me and me alone, but he and I went on to win astounding fame and glory.  Etc, etc, etc.
     There were a few problems with this book, the largest of which was probably that I had no real horse experience.  But I was 7 years old, and I am proud of myself for trying.  Up until that point, I loved reading and hated writing.  I think I hated writing because my pencil could not keep up with my brain, and I found it frustrating.  But when I was seven, I was beginning to change my mind and learn how to regulate the speed of thought and hand.  And thus began my writing career, such as it was.
     My second book was a bit better.  I wrote down an analogy that my daddy had told me on the value of standardized weights and measures.  Basically, I had made a comment in the kitchen that I thought standardized cup-measures and things were a waste of time.  I could figure out for myself, by trial and error, how much flour to put in my cake.  Being a homeschooling dad, it was the perfect time for a lesson, and he told me this story about 3 kings.  I think I was seven or eight years old when I wrote that one, too.
     How about you?  I would love to hear about your first story!

P.S. Check out this post written by Trix on Anne-girl's blog.  I thought it was well-done.

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