Monday, February 3, 2014

Editing Begins

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     For about a week, I sat back and stared at my completed draft of Dungeon.  I knew it needed major overhaul...but, where, oh, where to start?  It was a daunting and somewhat frightening task.
     Then three things happened:
One, a week passed.  Who knows?  Maybe I just needed to let it sit for a week.  I had just finished it and perhaps I needed to let go of it for a little bit, to let it be completed and done, to let it be whole.
Two, Rachel Heffington wrote a post about editing.  It was the perfect timing, and the perfect boost to get me past my own wimpiness.
Three, I read about Anne-girl finishing her editing overhaul on one of her books.  Her book was a lot bigger than mine.  If she can do hers, I can do mine.  Right?
     So I have dived into the Dungeon again to battle it out with character development, poor word choices, and anything else I find amiss.
     Can I just say how grateful I am for computers?  I love the ease of typing and deleting, cutting and pasting.  Can you imagine if we had to do all of the steps of editing and multiple drafts entirely by hand?  Whew!

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