Friday, April 17, 2015

April's Chatterbox: On Foot

I wrote this piece especially for the Chatterbox event, but it might eventually find its way into ToP.  Enjoy!

Petura lifted her chin and her skirts simultaneously and sat down on the fallen log.  Bits of rotting bark brushed loose and scattered across her satins.  Petura brushed them away but they crumbled into the finest damp powder and smeared mahogany stains across her pink gown.

Heron watched her and then turned, striding away through the forest.  Dry twigs snapped under his feet.

"Where are you going?" Petura felt a twinge of alarm.  Surely, he wasn't leaving her alone in the forest!

"Come on.  I'm taking you home."  His steady stride didn't slacken.

"You can't be serious.  The palace is 2 days travel by carriage."

"Then I am taking you to the nearest lordly dwelling and dropping you off there."

"On foot?"

Heron was getting farther away but he still did not stop.  "That is my usual method of travel, m'lady."

Petura stood up.  "There is no need to walk to anywhere."  She crossed her arms.  "If we wait here, my brother's men will find us."

The young man stopped then and swung his head to face her with a wry smile.  "Unfortunately, I haven't the luxury of sitting around and waiting on your cavalry."

"And you expect me to follow you for miles and a loyal hound?"

He waved a hand carelessly.  "Or sit there by yourself and wait for the bandits to return."


  1. 'Petura lifted her chin and her skirts simultaneously and sat down on the fallen log.' I loved that opening line. Nice job!

  2. The descriptions here are so keen... I like the way you portrayed Petura's background and situation.

  3. Mary, your comment went straight to a soft spot -- deep, deep inside of me -- and nestled there. And some day when I feel discouraged, it's going to pop up and re-inspire me to pursue excellence. Thank you.

  4. Haha. Haughty miss. I like her way of thinking she has a GPS chip embedded in her gown and they'll just "find" her. That's confidence.

  5. LOL, Rachel! I love the GPS analogy -- that's pretty much how she felt about it. ;)