Monday, April 27, 2015

Common Sense Instructions from the Bible: Part 1

     A friend of mine was blogging about wealth (among other things) and how it is meant to be shared.  You think about the lonely miserable old miser.  You think about the joy they would have if they had someone to share with.  Wealth is not meant to be squandered but neither is it meant to be horded.
     My friend went on to say that God did not give us wealth as a trick test to see how much we would give away.  And, as I read that, I thought of how many times it has been portrayed that way.  "God gave you good things just to see what kind of person you are.  You will be graded on the percentage of your goods that you distribute to the needy."  Is that how it is?  No.
      But are we supposed to share our wealth?  Yes.
      God gave us good things for us to enjoy them.  And we already established in the first paragraph that you will enjoy your wealth so much more when you share it.  That's how it works.
      How many times do we twist good instructions and make them into distasteful rules?  Common sense shows us how much more fun it is to share good things -- why do we make it a burden?  It's as if God said "Come eat this delicious meal I have prepared for you," and we said, "we are required to eat this.  He must be judging us on how much we eat.  Must I undertake this great sacrifice?  Who is He to tell me to eat His food!"  It's ridiculous.
      Share your wealth.  Make sacrifices as Jesus did.  Rejoice in the path set before you.  Delight yourself in the Lord.  And don't drag your feet when He gives you instructions.  :)

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