Friday, April 3, 2015

Introducing the Caves: More Rooms to Explore

Greetings, all!  I have returned for my final installment of cave pictures...for now.  Today I bring you more places to explore.

Right this way, folks...

Knock, knock.  Does somebody live here?

Almost home...

A special place, perhaps?

There are things to see everywhere you go.

(Ignore the railings and electric lights, please)

Maybe this would be a good place to sit and think?

Thank you for joining me, everyone!  And I hope you now have an idea of the world that is so special to Amos.  See you around!

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  1. Wow, caves really are beautiful. My family went on a hike last year through an abandoned mine. It was cool and scary all at the same time. We had little headlamps, but at one point we shut them off just to see how dark it was without any light sources. I kept quoting Lord's of the Rings.

  2. Oh, cool, Skye! What a neat thing to see!!!
    And, when I was in Grand Caverns, we did the same thing - experiencing the dark. I put a scene like that in my story because of it.

    1. It really is an awesome experience. I love it when you can use a real life experience in a book, makes it all the more real for the reader.