Monday, April 6, 2015

Life is Pretty Exciting These Days

Getting ready to head home after running some errands at work.
     Life is pretty exciting around here these days.  I left TCK to sit for a few weeks, and now I am plunging back into edits.  I found that a couple of my themes were nebulous, and nebulous is never good.  Subtle is good.  Nebulous?  Not so much.  With my material, I could take the theme one of two ways.  So I am trying to decide where to go with it.
     I sent TCK to one of my beloved beta-readers on April 1st (along with a plea, begging her not to pull any April Fool's stunts on my story -- I can take criticism like a champ but jokes are too much when my baby/story is involved).  And I sent it to a couple other readers later in the week.  Can't wait to get all their feedback and work on my story again.
     Pouring over the list of "what I should have done" (aka, an editing checklist) always sparks my imagination for stories yet to come.  Which led me back to Broken Clouds and ToP.  I am dusting them off and figuratively building the scaffolding for them.  This is exciting, as we always have the highest hopes for stories yet unfinished.
     The writers of Rooglewood Press' upcoming anthology (to be released this summer) are on my mind.  They are likely in the midst of editing their works.  I think they have until the middle of this month to get their corrected manuscripts back to their editor.  That is very exciting and I hope that is going smoothly for them.
     In my own humble life, I am nearly finished the training for my non-writing career.  And, on a smaller scale, I am caring for some pets (my own and others) and house-sitting for a friend with a houseful of delightful little animals.
     I hope your life is every bit as delightful.

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