Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Deep Emotion

As writers, we are known for having a knack with words.

But what happens when the emotion runs too deep for words?

     We've all had it happen.  Sometimes we make a face instead of speaking.  Sometimes we do nothing as the shock of an event (either beautiful or horrible) ripples through us.

     Every now and again, this phenomena occurs when we read something that was written by a master-writer.  And we lean back in our chairs with nothing clever to say, too overwhelmed to write a decent comment in return.

     We want to say something.  To express our appreciation in some way.  Maybe we decide that we simply can't, and we walk away without letting the author know that a person was touched by their writing.

     Or maybe we rack our brains for words -- all the while feeling like everything that was worth being said was already taken by the author -- and we come up with a comment like "That's nice." or "Sooo good."  And sometimes our comment looks so amateur in comparison to the piece above it that the comment seems almost abrasive or disrespectful.

     What's the solution?  Time.  Maybe.  Because, even with shocking events in our lives, when the shock wave passes, most of us turn to writing to release our emotions.  So, perhaps, if we postponed our need to comment, we could come up with a more expressive response.  But the commitment to go back to posts and put thought into it again and again is overwhelming when new posts are coming out every day.

     So, then, maybe we won't pursue a solution.  We'll keep sitting back in our chairs, feeling our lives changed forever, and make a comment like "Great story!"...

--Like I did today--

...And hope the author understands.


  1. I know what you mean!! I deal with that ALL the time!! I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words A LOT!!

  2. Yes. I relate. I think it's also hard because so much of the time we don't mean what we say, and we speak so lightly, that when we do literally mean that something saved our life, or changed us forever, etc, we don't know how to express it. ...Words are so powerful, and I only wish I knew how to use them.