Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Mental Ward - The Story of a Little Hero Part Two (14)

     "...But David was not dissuaded.  He continued to ask about the rewards for defeating Goliath, and soon his words reached the king."
     "David was summoned before the king of Israel. 'Let no man's heart fail because of the giant -- I will fight him,' David said."
     "But the king shook his head in disappointment when he saw David.  'No, lad,' he said. 'You cannot fight the giant -- you are just a boy.  He has been a man of war for many, many years.'"
      "David stood his ground.  'I kept my father's sheep.  And there came against the flock a lion and a bear, and they took a lamb.  I ran after him and hit him and rescued the lamb.  And when the beast attacked me, I grabbed his beard and killed him.  I have killed both the lion and the bear.  And this ungodly Philistine will be just like them because he has defied the armies of the living God.'  He took a step forward.  'The God that saved me from the lion and from the bear will save me out of the hand of the giant.'"
      "'Go, then,' said the king.  'And the Lord be with you.'  And the king gave him of his own armor."
      "But David wouldn't take it.  Armor is a good thing unless you don't know how to use it.  This was not something he was practiced in and become familiar with.  So he refused the king's armor, choosing instead to face the giant as he had faced the lion and the bear...with only shepherd's staff, his sling, and 5 smooth stones."
       "The giant came onto the field, ready to fight Israel's best warrior, and instead he saw a cute boy with a shepherd's staff.  'What am I? A dog?  Are you going to run me off with a stick?'  And the Philistine giant cursed David by his gods.  'Come here, boy, and I will feed you to the birds.  And we'll leave your little carcass in the fields for the beasts to chew on.'"
     "'You come to face me with a sword and spear and a shield,' said David.  'But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.  Today, God will make you fall under my hand.  And it will be your carcass and the carcasses of your army which will feed the birds and let all the earth know that there is a God in Israel!'"
      "Goliath arose then and charged David.  And David RAN to meet him.  He put his hand in his bag and pulled out one of his smooth stones.  And he placed it in his sling and slung it toward the giant.  The stone hit the giant in the forehead, and the giant, who was on his way to kill David,...fell down dead.  And David ran to him, used the giant's sword, and cut off the giant's head.  When the armies of the Philistines saw that the giant was defeated, they fled in terror.  And the armies of Israel pursued and conquered their enemies."
     Emery drew a breath as her story ended.  The three adults had moved, during the story, and were huddled against one wall.
     Beastly clambered to her feet and gestured toward the adults.  "We should put them in the box now."

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