Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Mental Ward - Columns and Iguanas (20)

     Emery slowly rose to her feet and moved toward the door.  No superhuman strength reached out to stop her.  She bumped against the table, and her hands traced its sideways outline on the floor.  Just a few steps beyond that, she found the door.
     She pulled it open, letting light into the room.  Then she turned and surveyed the mess.
     Glass littered the floor, and it looked like a giant had been playing tiddlywinks with the furniture.  And Beth was on the floor by the wall.
     She lay there like a ragdoll that has been dropped.  Her bare legs peeked out from under her white gown, just like they had on the night Emery first saw her.  And she looked like Beth again.  Her face was calm except for her wide eyes, and she sucked on her thumb.
     Beth pulled her thumb from her mouth.  "Did you see Him?" Her voice was full of awe.
     "The Man that saved me."  She lifted her eyes to Emery's face.  "He ran IT off.  And He talked to me."
     Emery shook her head.  "I didn't see him, Beth."
     Beth puckered her forehead.  "Do you believe me?"
     "Yes.  I believe you."  Relief flooded through Emery, and she sagged against the doorway.  She felt exhausted and happy.  Not the kind of happy that jumps around.  More like the kind of happy a mama feels just after her baby is born when it has been a long hard road to birth him.  It's too deep to be frivolous.  "The One who saved you is Jesus, the Son of God.  He's the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  And no man comes to God except through Him."
     "I know."  Beth's tone was matter-of-fact.  She scooted her legs under her and stood up.  "I want to go home now."
     "Home?  Where is home?  Do you mean the Box?" Emery cocked her head at the girl.
     Beth shook her head.  "No.  MY home.  There are flowers and grass and trees.  The house has columns and the floors are shiny."
     Emery laughed.  "Are you sure you didn't dream that?  It sounds like a mansion."
     Beth chewed on a finger, ignoring Emery's suggestion, as she meandered into the hallway.  "When I left..." she frowned.  "...I looked back and there were iguanas on the gate."
     "There were..." Emery spun to face Beth.  "...Iguanas, did you say?"  Emery's hand flew to her mouth.  "I think I've seen that place."


  1. you know the post you did before this one about deep emotion? Well, I'm experiencing it right now.

    1. Wow. Way to turn that one around on me! Now I'm the one who is stunned (by your comment). Thank you!