Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Mental Ward - Run (18)

     As Emery raced down the hall, a voice called out to her from the Box.  "You there!  Girl!"
     Emery slowed her steps.  "What is it?"
     "Pansy is not doing so well.  She's coughing up blood." The voice hissed.
     "Oh, no!" Emery stopped and ran to the door of the Box.  "What do you need?  I'll try to get it for you."
     "We need a doctor."  The voice was frustrated and impatient, laced with fear.
     Emery held her breath, thinking.
     "Are you still there?" The voice demanded.  "She's not going to make it through the next night if we don't get some help in here."
     "I'm here.  I hear you."  Emery rested her hand against the door and said a quick prayer.  "I'll get help."
     The scream of a cougar ricocheted through the building.  Emery threw her head up, her eyes wide.  IT was in power again, and Emery had never heard it so loud.
     "Oh, God, it's Beastly!" someone in the box cried out.  "We're going to die!"
     Then Emery heard Beth's voice, halfway between a scream and a sob.  "E-mery!"  The sound tore at Emery's heart, as if Beth was calling out for the last time to the one person who had ever cared about her.
     "Run, girl!  Run!" A voice from the Box urged.  "Get away if you can!"
     Emery turned and ran with all her might.  But she wasn't running away.  She ran straight toward IT.


  1. WOW!!! I can't wait for more!! I have been seeing these posts show up in my feed, but I hadn't read any until right now. This is an amazing story!!

    1. You can find the old ones by clicking on the label "MentalWard." And I post new installments on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It's neat that you so recently started reading them. And you have no idea how much your feedback means to me. Thank you!!! <3

    2. I read all of them! Ok! Well I will be watching every Sunday and Wednesday (I don't get online on Saturdays). You are very welcome. It is nice to read something that shows how God can use his people, but that isn't 'preachy'. I don't like reading 'preachy' things!! I find them VERY annoying!